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Goofs Visual identity

Goofs is a new fashion brand by Utrecht/Montreal based Fashion Designer Jade Simard-Lemaire. Goofs creates sustainable clothing by making new creations out of second hand clothes. Surprising combinations and fresh new looks are the result. For Goofs, I have been responsible for the visual identity. The logo created for Goofs is all about goofiness, looks and variation. The eye can transform for every possible occasion since eyes can express anything.

The Common Grounds

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The Common Grounds Visual identity

The Common Grounds is Julia Boekholt’s challenge to get the world addicted to organic plant-based coffee. Right now The Common Grounds is a pop-up Coffee bar traveling from event to event. The Common Grounds asked me to create a visual identity for them that’s all about saving the world and get people excited for the products of The Common Grounds without being the “annoying vegan”. The result: A modern logo and a collection of catchy humoristic slogans.


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Vlogtelingen Video

Vlogtelingen started as a Youtube channel with content made with and about refugees in the Netherlands, and was later commissioned by the dutch talkshow “De Nieuwe Maan”. The videos are aimed at offering an individual and more enjoyable perspective on the subject of refugees. In the main series of Vlogtelingen, Gelukzoekers (fortune seekers), Jan Waatze spends the day with a refugee in search of happiness during a traditional Dutch activity. Vlogtelingen was made in collaboration with Martijn de Vliegher.

Episode: Carnaval
Episode: Elections

Long Distance Love Store

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Long Distance Love Store Design research + digital design

Long Distance Love Store questions the way we shape relationships when we are not able to be together physically. Because of the possibility to share everything with your lover 24/7, apps like Whatsapp and Skype give you a feeling of intimacy. In the meanwhile more and more applications are being designed to create intimacy between couples who are not physically together. But is this really working? Are you really in a relationship with your lover or are you maybe in a relationship with your phone? Do you, in the end, still recognize him or her? See the entire project and watch video's of all the apps at:


Culture Scratch

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Culture Scratch Visual storytelling

One of the biggest fears of societies is losing their own culture. Other cultures are seen as a big threat and people are fighting to save theirs. To make it a little easier for those people, Culture Scratch was created, a series of lottery tickets that determine your future culture.


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Un-known Book design

Un-Known is a coloring book about what we do not know about North Korea. North Korea is the most closed country in the world and it has been a mystery for years what really happens behind it's borders. The stories we hear are usually negative, but is this the truth? Is it really all bad? Are there perhaps very nice things going on? Or is it maybe even worse than we thought. In Un-Known the choice is yours. The book only tells you what we know, all that’s left is blank and it is up to you to color.

Ok, en nu?

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Un-known Poster design

There are a lot of designer with opinions who like to make work about their opinions. But shouldn't a designer ask him/herself the question: "ok, and now"(ok, en nu?) every now and then?
This poster is build out of 200 opinions from designers together forming the question: "Ok, and now?"


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Surplus Book design

Book design of the book: On (surplus) Value in Art by Diederich Diedrichsen*. A book of 100 pages and three languages.

*Note: This is not the official publication of the book but a design just for the purpose of practice.

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I'm available for new projects and I would love to get in touch with you. Just send me an email, call me or come play a game of minigolf in my studio in Utrecht.

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About me

Jan Waatze Schuurman Hess is an alumni of the University of the Arts Utrecht🇳🇱.

Jan Waatze is a designer of fun stuff. Astonishment, amazement and burning questions are the motivation for his works in which also sensitive subjects are not being avoided. Jan Waatze translates his subjects and/or stories in a surprising way and reshapes the expectations of his audience. Jan Waatze's works are not directly a representation of his own opinions but they create a space in which everyone has the posibillity to shape his/her own opinion, created with the help of humour and interaction.


University of the Arts Utrecht(HKU)
Graphic Design

Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam